“Because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news ...so they will be called oaks of  righteousness.” Isaiah 61:1,3 

Launched in July 2008, MDN (Missions & Discipleship Network) is a ministry based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In October 2009 it was recognized as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Our objective is to do Missions and Discipleship through a Network with partner churches, providing them with resources, training and support. We aim to help accomplishing the Great Commission - " Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." (Mat.28:19) - as we help churches, many of them facing lack of support and training, especially in developing countries.
Our goal therefore is to work in partnership with local churches, helping in the task of reaching and empowering lives for Christ as we equip them with effective evangelistic strategies and discipleship tools.
Currently our main focus is Latin America, Africa and Asia. MDN has already initiated partnerships with some churches in South America (Brazil). Other countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, India and China are also a focus of our prayers and are  included in our plans for the future. 

Vision:  Our dream is to reach thousands of people for Jesus and help them to grow toward Christ-likeness, resulting in lives that glorify God as they make a real difference in the World.

Mission: We exist to work in partnership with local churches, helping them in the task of reaching and edifying lives for Christ as we provide  them with effective tools and strategies for evangelism and discipleship.

Methods: Our job involves the mobilization of the local church members in the process of evangelism and discipleship. Our proposal includes:

-      To promote training in evangelism and discipleship; 

-     To help implement effective outreach strategies (medical missions included);
-     To search, offer and mediate opportunities for missions, such as mission trips, locally, regionally and internationally;
-      To offer tools for discipleship as well as training so they can be used effectively.



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                    MDN is a nonprofit organization (501 c3 tax  exempt)