“Because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news ...so they will be called oaks of  righteousness.” Isaiah 61:1,3 
What is the proposal of MDN?

The proposal of MDN is to help partner churches impact their communities for Christ offering them strategies and training in missions and discipleship. It is not the goal of the ministry to be a church consultant in the areas not related with evangelism or spiritual maturity

How can I work as a volunteer instructor / trainer at MDN?

 We will be more than happy to find ways for you to serve at MDN. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we can explore the opportunities that better match your abilities and gifts. Email us: mdn@network-md.org

What does it mean to be a partner church?

 A partner church is a church that are willing to benefit from resources and tools offered by MDN. The activity of MDN at the partner church will depend on what kind of tool the church is interested in. It can vary from only providing lectures or workbooks to full training and follow-up for discipleship as well as support with evangelistic strategies such as mobile medical clinics. The higher the level of the package the church acquires the higher the commitment of partnership between the ministry and the church.

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How can my church become a partner church?

 We will be happy to discuss with you how we can make possible a partnership with your church. Just contact us for more details mdn@network-md.org.

After the partnership is made, does MDN take over the responsibility to lead events and programs at the church?

 No. The church's leadership will be in charge. They will decide how to use church's human and financial resources, space and logistic structure. MDN acts as a partner in the events, providing whatever the church needs, if available for its area. We may offer support in the form of training, conferences, workshops, lectures, strategies, books, audio-visual resources, etc… in order to accomplish the best results possible.

How much  is the investment  for the church to be a partner with MDN?

 We are aware of the challenges churches often face to meet their budgets. The goal of our ministry is to serve them for the lowest cost possible. We are open and flexible to talk about the variety of possibilities we can serve your church without hurting its finances. For example, to start the partnership process we might be able to send some of our staff members to your church to hold an introductory presentation without any costs to the church, depending upon your location. If there is no possibility to do it without charging the church, the costs might be no other than travel expenses and lodging. After the partnership is made, the expenses will depend on what kind of pack the church is willing to acquire as well as the amount of resources needed (the number of books, for example).    For more details please contact: mdn@network-md.org

Does MDN act as a consultant for church administration and other related issues?

 MDN doesn’t have the purpose of being a consultant for issues related to church management or administration, doctrines, models of ministry and other related. The purpose of the ministry applies exclusively in training and strategies for evangelism and discipleship.

Is there a specific denomination which MDN prefers to work with?

 There is no preference for a specific church or denomination to work with us, but please note that MDN does not allow its staff to bring up any subject related to specific doctrinal differences of any denomination. In the same way, the written material developed by the ministry doesn’t have any subject that could bring up such discussions.

In what does MDN believe?



















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