“Because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news ...so they will be called oaks of  righteousness.” Isaiah 61:1,3 
Did you know that the solution for the world is in your hands?

Reaching Lives is a series of interactive Evangelism workshops, lasting approximately 30 minutes each, which will help you and your church to share their faith and reach lives for Christ. It is a training course provided by the team of MDN.


Ø Explaining the Plan of Salvation

Learn how to explain, in a practical and effective way, the plan of God to redeem mankind.


Ø Telling My Story

Would you be able to tell, in a few minutes, what Christ has done for you? See why your life story is so important.


Ø Developing Relationships

Find out how your relationships with those closest to you can help bring them to Christ.


Ø Becoming a Welcoming Church

Examine the importance of being a church that welcomes the lost-and discover the steps to getting there.


Ø Planning Bridge-Events

Learn what bridge-events are, and learn the importance of including them in the strategic planning outreach of his church.


Ø Defining Your Strategy

Discover the best way to intentionally reach people for Christ in your community.

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